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Visions, Realized

We want to work with you to create something bespoke; 
something that is you. 

While it's great to create artworks from our own ideas, we find that "sitting" down with a client and helping them bring their ideas into form is the most rewarding way to approach this process.

We invite you to step into our creative world and tap into yours, if for only a moment. You can be involved in the process as much or as little as you like. It's up to you. 

For our custom works, we ask that you schedule an initial consultation with us to determine what your vision is and how we can bring that to life in stained glass. In these consults, we'll cover everything from subject and size to framing and placement. ​​

*Our base rate is $350 per square foot.  This is calculating the cost of design, materials, hours in construction and includes the custom frame made from hand-selected woods that are laminated and constructed by James.

Bring your Vision to Life

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